Is Love Truly Worth Fighting For?


Kalliste Zoe Productions is onto the next movie project, developing a short dramatic film,  Alleys, about two recently torn apart lovers, Josh and Lani, spending their day contemplating the question…is love truly worth fighting for?

Ezra Albarran, the director and writer, started developing the script a few years ago based on a personal experience. This story is important and relatable, as it’s an exploration of true love and the contention it attracts in this fast paced world we call Life. We follow the story of a young skater, Josh, as he searches for answers in the streets and alleys after a confusing breakup.  He explores an ever changing life and shift of notions that nullify the thought, “Love is all you need”.

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With your support and help, we will be able to make this story come to life! We need to cover basic expenses for hiring the crew, renting the equipment, transportation, locations, props, wardrobe and food. This is a low budget independent film that will be about 20-25 minutes in length. We aim to keep expenses for principal photography around $5,000-$7,000 while leaving the rest for post production expenses. We are aiming to shoot towards the end of this September, early October (2016).

Please help support our funding campaign so we can create an aesthetically beautiful and touching story for all to enjoy! Go Fund the Alleys Movie

The last Kalliste Zoe Production, Birds Dropping , is in the final production phases (Color Correction, Music Design and Composition) and will soon be released this Fall 2016 at a premiere event in Los Angeles, CA.



The Escape Plan Premiere


We are beyond excited to finally announce that we are having an official screening/premiere of The Escape Plana short thriller based on the Stephen King story In the Deathroom, at the Downtown Independent Theatre. This journey has been a bit of a battle in terms of finalizing the best color correction and music composition, but we are so glad we stayed patient and focused because we are very pleased with the final result and can’t wait to share it with the world!

The Escape Plan Facebook Page

Brittney Grabill’s Goodnight Music Video

music video

A fun still frame moment from Brittney Grabill’s Goodnight Music Video! I had an amazing time producing and acting in this holiday project. Brittney is incredibly talented and was one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with. She is organized, efficient, innovative and humbly, generous! If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the music video yet, please check it out below:

We are currently in the pre-production phase for her next single Free and we are beyond excited for this visually beautiful and empowering music video. You can listen to the audio of the song by visiting this link: Brittney Grabill “Free”

Post-Production Fun


We are beyond happy with how the footage came out for the Birds Dropping movie and watching the different takes was quite entertaining. I’ve never experienced so much fun and laughter during an editing session before. We selected our favorite visual shots and are now getting ready to sync up the audio with the footage so we can start finalizing our favorite takes overall, meeting both our aesthetic and performance expectations! Stay tuned for more…

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A Sucessful Crowdfunding Campaign

campaign success.png

Wow, thank you thank you thank you!!! We reached our $3,000 budget and we are beyond grateful for all of the generous donations. Thank you everyone for helping us make our film-making dreams come true and for allowing us to increase the production value. We managed to make a $10,000 movie with about $2,000 and now we have enough left over for post-production. We are diving into the editing room this week and can’t wait to see how we start to visually piece the story together! Check out the link below to stay updated on the film progression:

Birds Dropping Movie Facebook Page

Behind the Scenes – Birds Dropping Movie


I can’t even express into words how lucky it was to have such a stellar crew during principal photography for the Birds Dropping movie! Myles Christensen, our talented sound supervisor, was cool as a cucumber the entire weekend despite the 85 degree desert air. Jordan Ferrin was an irreplaceable Assistant Director and without him the shooting schedule would not have moved as smoothly as it did. Thank you for showing up and helping bring our vision to life!

Birds Dropping Movie Facebook Page

Behind the Scenes – The Escape Plan


Another great behind the scenes shot of my amazing crew in action for The Escape Plan! Working with Octavio Estrada was efficient and well thought out; every movement, angle and lighting adjustment was important. We are forever grateful for his talents, as he was able to capture the stars of the movie in an aesthetically compelling way. Stay tuned for more as we finish up post production.

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