Take a Chance on Chocolate Cake


Kalliste Zoe Productions is excited to announce that the Chocolate Cake film (2017) is complete and officially up on IMDb!

Producing this project has truly been an enjoyable experience and working with the ever so talented Brittney Grabill has been nothing but a sweet delight! We were offered a $10,000 film grant through Story Hive with the Telus Company’s support and we were lucky enough to film this project abroad in Canada.

The Chocolate Cake story is takes place on a first date, that brings young Jenny and Tim together for a slice of chocolate cake. As their connection grows, just like with each layer of cake, they develop a deeper and richer connection. As they share the cake and more about each other, love reveals a potential path for the two of them, as well as an inevitable roller coaster of emotions. The only question left is, will they take a chance on love?

Stay tuned for more updates as there will be a voting period in February where you can help support our film to win awards and prizes for future endeavors with the film. You can follow the progress on the official website: Chocolate Cake Film


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