The Magical Mill Valley Film Festival 2017

It has been such an honor and true pleasure to attend the 40th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival. The warm vibes and laughter during the two screenings of the Birds Dropping short film were unforgettable. We always enjoy an opportunity to share our stories with new audiences, but never did we imagine that we would be attending such a prestigious film festival in the North Bay Area where the Birds Dropping Producer and Director Mary Rachel Gardner grew up. She was not expecting a Q+A portion at the end of the film screening block, so that was a very special treat indeed; a chance to open up to the audience and engage more on what we as indie-filmmakers envision behind the camera.

Attending this wonderful festival has been a huge highlight for Kalliste Zoe Productions, because we were included in a program filled with so many other incredible independent films including, The Florida Project, Breathe, The Shape of Water and Lady BirdMary Rachel had the great honor of meeting the founder and Executive Creative Director of the festival Mark Fishkin. She also enjoyed time with the Birds Dropping drone operator Ezra Albarran who wrote and directed the short film she most recently produced and assistant directed called Alleys, a film we hope to bring back to the Mill Valley next year and our sincerest gratitude goes to the Mill Valley team for a magical experience! Thank you!!!



Behind the Scenes of the Alleys Premiere

It’s been quite a dream since the premiere event! We still can’t believe the turn out and success of the evening. Thank you again to those of you who really helped us push and promote the event so we could pack the house the way we did. It truly was an unforgettable experience and another special thank you goes to Elizabeth Harding​ for being the amazing behind the scenes videographer, as she captured some special moments.

We are in no way done with pushing Alleys​, as we have already started festival submissions, and we are happy to announce that we have our first official acceptance into the CineArtistry​ Film Festival on August 12th! Please help us keep up the momentum by liking and following us on social media, your support is greatly appreciated and irreplaceable. Also, if you have a moment to spare, please write a brief/positive review of the Alleys film on IMDB as it will help us moving forward with festival submissions.

Alleys IMDB

Alleys Facebook Page


The Alleys Premiere Event

Alleys Premiere.png

A Screening Night to Premiere the Alleys Film and Other Independent Content!

Kalliste Zoe Productions presents a screening night to promote and support local filmmakers. This event will be featuring different kinds of independent projects from episodic content to dark comedies to drama. Let’s gather around all kinds of filmmaking artists and visionaries, watch and enjoy each others’ films and discuss future career goals. We are beyond excited to finally bring Alleys and other amazing short films to the big screen!

RSVP to the event here: An Independent Filmmaker Showcase


Wednesday July 12th
Admission FREE
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Event starts at 8:00 PM

Popcorn, candy and drink concessions available.


There are 3 Parking Lots nearby the Theatre, plenty of street parking (meters should be free/expired) and there is also the Metro (Pershing Square Stop) a couple of blocks behind the theatre for those of you who don’t want to drive and deal with parking.

SCREENING ORDER (might be subject to change):

8:00 PM – Welcome Intro

8:15 PM – Spades the Series: Episode 03 – Four of a Kind

8:30 PM – Birds Dropping

8:40 PM – Ce qu’on a laissé derrière´nous (Things We’ve Left Behind)

8:45 PM – The Model

8:50 PM – Alleys



Joe Raffa (Writer/Director)
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Two couples must overcome their differences in a stalled elevator when it becomes clear a life is at stake.
Website: // Twitter: @SPADESwebseries // Facebook:


Mary Rachel Gardner (Producer/Director)
Genre: Dark Comedy
Synopsis: Two close friends experience one nightmare of a road trip. As they travel by car to one of their sister’s weddings, they hit a literal “crossroad” but instead of working together, they argue and end up stranded.
Instagram: @KallisteZoe3 // Facebook: // IMDB:

*THINGS WE’VE LEFT BEHIND (Ce qu’on a laissé derrière´nous)

Maxwell Morro (Producer/Director)
Genre: Oneiric Drama
Synopsis: A young woman dreams a recollection involving her passionate relationship with her lover.


Stephen Cunnane (Writer/Director)
Genre: Fantasy/Animation
Synopsis: An artist’s wooden manikin comes to life and fantasizes about becoming heroic drawings he’s always been posed for.


Ezra Albarran (Writer/Director)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Synopsis: Alleys, a short story about two recently torn apart lovers, Josh & Lani, spending their day contemplating the question…is love truly worth fighting for?
Instagram: @KallisteZoe3 // Facebook: // IMDB:

Screening Night.png

An Alleys Adventure

We are excited to share the Alleys Official Movie Trailer with all of you as well as the IMDB Page where you can find all the details on the project. It truly has been a surreal, awesome adventure seeing everything come together visually and we can’t thank the Alleys cast and crew as well as the Alleys family for the incredibly hard work and constant support! As we move through post and gear up for film festivals, we would greatly appreciate some extra support as we used all the current raised funds for principal photography. Visit the campaign link to donate now:

Go Fund the Alleys Movie

We are beyond happy with the aesthetic results and we are more than halfway done with the first cut. Looking forward to sharing this beautiful movie on the big screen. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Alleys Prelude and a spin off short Pipe Dreams about Cici and Mallory, two of Josh’s friends from the original story. Stay tuned for more soon…

Take a Chance on Chocolate Cake


Kalliste Zoe Productions is excited to announce that the Chocolate Cake film (2017) is complete and officially up on IMDb!

Producing this project has truly been an enjoyable experience and working with the ever so talented Brittney Grabill has been nothing but a sweet delight! We were offered a $10,000 film grant through Story Hive with the Telus Company’s support and we were lucky enough to film this project abroad in Canada.

The Chocolate Cake story is takes place on a first date, that brings young Jenny and Tim together for a slice of chocolate cake. As their connection grows, just like with each layer of cake, they develop a deeper and richer connection. As they share the cake and more about each other, love reveals a potential path for the two of them, as well as an inevitable roller coaster of emotions. The only question left is, will they take a chance on love?

Stay tuned for more updates as there will be a voting period in February where you can help support our film to win awards and prizes for future endeavors with the film. You can follow the progress on the official website: Chocolate Cake Film

The Birds Dropping Premiere

birds_dropping_B_FINAL resized.jpg

That is an official wrap on the Birds Dropping movie- It has been quite a journey with this film, post production is complete and we are now ready to share with audiences on the big screen! Thank you to everyone who has been incredibly supportive during this entire process, we couldn’t have made movie magic without you. The premiere night is this November 6, 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles at 8:00PM Please come support local filmmakers and enjoy a night filled with dark humor, laughs,  and popcorn! You can also enjoy the Birds Dropping Official Movie Trailer below:

Is Love Truly Worth Fighting For?


Kalliste Zoe Productions is onto the next movie project, developing a short dramatic film,  Alleys, about two recently torn apart lovers, Josh and Lani, spending their day contemplating the question…is love truly worth fighting for?

Ezra Albarran, the director and writer, started developing the script a few years ago based on a personal experience. This story is important and relatable, as it’s an exploration of true love and the contention it attracts in this fast paced world we call Life. We follow the story of a young skater, Josh, as he searches for answers in the streets and alleys after a confusing breakup.  He explores an ever changing life and shift of notions that nullify the thought, “Love is all you need”.

Check out the talented Cast and follow us on Facebook:
Alleys Facebook Page

With your support and help, we will be able to make this story come to life! We need to cover basic expenses for hiring the crew, renting the equipment, transportation, locations, props, wardrobe and food. This is a low budget independent film that will be about 20-25 minutes in length. We aim to keep expenses for principal photography around $5,000-$7,000 while leaving the rest for post production expenses. We are aiming to shoot towards the end of this September, early October (2016).

Please help support our funding campaign so we can create an aesthetically beautiful and touching story for all to enjoy! Go Fund the Alleys Movie

The last Kalliste Zoe Production, Birds Dropping , is in the final production phases (Color Correction, Music Design and Composition) and will soon be released this Fall 2016 at a premiere event in Los Angeles, CA.